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For more than twenty years, artist Robert Townsend has given new life to the Americana landscapes. From matchbooks and candy wrappers, to buildings and characters, he returns the viewer to another place and time. And now, he has discovered a new muse: Helen. When each image can take an entire month to paint, what could be so powerful about this one woman that inspires Robert to spend the next ten years of his life devoted to painting just her?

The art is given new life as Robert dives deeper into Helen’s… visiting places she’s been and meeting people from her life. We discover why he and now we identify with and become charmed by this woman. Helen is our aunt, our neighbor, the woman at the grocery store, and we reveal that the precious lives that we each lead should be cherished as Robert does, with this woman he’s only beginning to know.

From finding the first slide to gallery exhibitions, we explore the painter’s process and the impact of this one woman in so many lives.

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a film CURRENTLY IN POST-PRODUCTION by Serena Creative


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I think she’s teaching a lesson - to me -
about celebrating life.
— RObert Townsend
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