FACES of FOOD FORWARD: Shirley Wainess

Second in the series of profiles for Food Forward.

Shirley regularly offers up her backyard fruit tress for the Food Forward Glean Team volunteers to pick and distribute to those who need it most. She was the first person we interviewed for the series, and was so generous with inviting us into her home to meet her family and pets and hear her story.

Meeting Shirley made me wonder, again, what is it about some people that makes them so generous? She herself has been through many physical, emotional and financial setbacks, and yet her main goal is to do right by others. This 1-minute piece just scratches the surface on how deeply the Food Forward mission connects to Shirley, but still beautifully shares the impact that 1 person and her trees can do for others.

It’s such a simple gift - offering others your excess - and yet it’s so impactful.

Give it a view, and if compelled, visit Food Forward and be a part of the solution.

Music: Emoto Music
Production Assistance: Mauricio Hoyos