Duke's Mayonnaise commercials

Chef’s share recipes and real stories about their love of Duke’s Mayonnaise.


Chef Jason Alley [Comfort, Pasture, Bingo Beer Co.]

astry Chef Dolester Miles [Highlands Bar & Grill, Bottega & Chez Fonfon]

Chef Mason Hereford [Turkey & The Wolf, Molly’s Rise and Shine]

Chef Katie Coss [Husk]

Client: Duke’s Mayonnaise

Agency: Elevation

Executive Creative Directors: Aaron Dotson & Frank Gilliam

Creative Director: C.J. Hawn

Directed & Edited by Ric Serena

Director of Photography: Evan Jake Cohen

Production Company: Spang

Producer: Ruby Claire Le Tenoux

Executive Producer: Melanie Cox

Music: Paul Bessenbacher, Emoto Music