This Is Us

Cross-promotion commercial | NBC's this is us & tjmaxx

Tasked with creating a cross-promotional piece for NBC"s This Is Us that shows real people and shares their intimate moments - staged in the middle of a TJMaxx store, we were given just a few minutes to take a portrait and learn about their lives. The way that people opened up to us in such a public setting, is a true testament to the team on set and our passion for sharing the stories we all have within us.


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Family is not always perfect. But it’s what you have in the end.
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Directed by Ric Serena
Client/Agency: NBC Creative Partnerships
NBC Creative Director: Abby Marsh
Producer: Quynh Stanley
Director of Photography: Sean Conaty
Still Photographer: Jen Serena
Art Director: Marcelle Gravel
First AD: Francesca Bravos
Production Company: Moving Parts, Inc.
Editor: Rochelle Watson